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A22 Cam Lever Assembly Parts

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Symbol #

Part Name

111 Link Anchor Bolt
112 Link Anchor Bolt Nut
113 Link Anchor Bolt Washer
114 Link Anchor Bolt Roller Bearings
115 Link Anchor Pin
116 Link Anchor Pin Alemite Fitting
117 Adjusting Link Screw
118 Adjusting Link Thimble
119 Adjusting Link Nut
120 Adjusting Link Swivel Stud
121 Swivel Stud Nut
122 Swivel Stud Washer
123 Bottom Cam Lever
124 Top Cam Lever
125 Cam Lever Link Roller Bearing
126 Cam Lever Alemite Fitting
127 Cam Roller
128 Cam Roller Pin
129 Cam Roller Pin Alemite Fitting
130 Cam Lever Post
131 Cam Lever Post Nut
132 Cam Lever Post Bottom Washer
133 Cam Lever Spacer
134 Cam Lever Post Roller Bearing
135 Cam Lever Washer
136 Spring Case Swivel Pin
137 Spring Case Swivel Pin Nuts
138 Spring Case Swivel Pin Washers
139 Spring Case Swivel Block
140 Spring Case Swivel Block Roller Bearing
141 Spring Case Outer Sleeve
142 Inner Spring Case
143A Cam Lever Spring (Large)
143B Cam Lever spring (Small not shown)
144 Spring Case Stud
145 Spring Case Needle Bearings
146 Spring Case Stud Nut
147 Spring Case Stud Washer
148 Cam Lever Post Top Washer
149 Adjusting Link Set Screw
  Results 1 - 40 of 40 1